Rescue divers in India are continuing their search for survivors, after a passenger ferry capsized last night, killing at least 100 people. The boat - carrying 300 - was reportedly overcrowded and got caught up in a storm as it headed up one of India's largest rivers - the Brahmaputra in northeastern Assam state.

Local people gathered along the coastline to watch as rescue workers brought survivors to shore. They'd battled for hours against heavy winds and rain through the night to save around 60 passengers. Most of those managed to make a swim for it because they were sitting on the top tier of the boat. This man from the National Disaster Response Force said it would be very difficult for any survivors to hold on given the strength of the river's current.

A police officer confirmed that the boat was already overloaded with local farmers and their families, as well as sacks of rice and other provisions but that there were no lifeboats or lifejackets.

Assam is represented by the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in the Upper House of India's Parliament. He said he was 'shocked and grieved' by the tragedy. The Indian Army and Border Security Force are joining the continuing search for survivors.