Neuralink brain chip
First man with Neuralink brain chip can play Mario Kart using just his mind. Twitter / Michael the news guy @LiendoMichaell

Nolan Arbaugh, the first human with the Neuralink brain chip, claims he can consistently outmanoeuvre his friends in "Mario Kart" with mind control. This feat is awe-inspiring because he wins games most quadriplegics would struggle with.

Early adopters of Neuralink's brain chip report using it for extended gaming sessions, with some logging up to 12 hours per day. The Elon Musk-led neurotechnology company unveiled results from the first 100 days of its groundbreaking PRIME Study.

In this study, paralysed participants received brain-computer interface implants, allowing them to control computers with their thoughts alone. In a report shared on the company's official website, Musk's controversial startup revealed that participants favoured using their Link chips for personal enjoyment, exceeding research session usage.

Regaining Independence with Neuralink Technology

Arbaugh, a 29-year-old quadriplegic since a diving accident, uses Neuralink's chip to conquer online worlds. He races friends in "Mario Kart" and strategies in "Civilization VI," all with the power of his thoughts. He could browse the internet, chat with friends online effortlessly, and even live-stream his gameplay sessions.

In a groundbreaking livestream last month, Arbaugh showcased the power of Neuralink by playing video games and online chess, all controlled by his thoughts. "It's like a luxury overload. I haven't been able to do these things in eight years, and now I don't know where to start allocating my attention," Arbaugh said.

With a competitive glint in his eye, Arbaugh declared the new games are lightyears ahead. He revealed that he is crushing his friends at titles he shouldn't even be touching as a person with quadriplegia. Before the Neuralink chip, operating a computer was a back-breaking task for Arbaugh, who had to rely on a mouth-held stylus positioned by a caregiver for each interaction.

The mouth-held stylus offered limited freedom. Confined to an upright position, it caused muscle strain, pressure sores, and general discomfort. Neuralink, however, has transformed Noland's experience. Now, he can operate his computer completely unassisted from the comfort of his bed.

Neuralink's Brain Chip Goes Beyond Gaming

"It lets me live on my own time, not needing to have someone adjust me throughout the day," he said. The Link, Arbaugh declared, has reconnected him with the world, his friends, and his family. Moreover, it has given him the ability to do things independently without relying on my family around the clock.

Musk stated that Neuralink envisions a future where brain chips unlock a new level of human potential. Imagine "enhanced abilities" like sharper reasoning and the ability to stream music directly to the brain.

Musk has previously hinted at the brain chip's potential to cure blindness and facilitate instant language learning. Neuroscientist Moran Cerf recently added another layer of intrigue: Neuralink technology might be the key to unlocking cancer cures. Neuralink's ultimate vision, however, is far more ambitious.

The company wants to elevate human potential and create a symbiotic relationship with artificial intelligence (AI). This audacious goal involves augmenting human capabilities to a level that allows us to compete with and potentially surpass advanced AI.

Meanwhile, Neuralink is facing scrutiny from animal rights groups alleging mistreatment of animals in early testing. Both Musk and the company deny these claims.