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budgeting app
Bring back money from your past purchases for use in your present budget. Shvets Production/Pexels

Budgeting apps have gathered immense popularity in the new decade. Now, you can easily track and monitor your expenses as well as automate customised spending plans that suit your monthly budget. These intuitive apps are rapidly replacing spreadsheets and can save you a lot of valuable time by giving you a holistic view of your spending habits in a single place. However, the Curve app offers mind-boggling money-saving features straight from the future.

In addition to offering a comprehensive view of your spending patterns, the Curve app helps you avoid ATM-withdrawal fees, enables transfer of past transactions from one card to another, and break down year-old purchases into low-interest instalments. Plus, you could even earn up to 20 percent cashback rewards from scores of global brands.

Curve allows you to consolidate all of your debit and credit cards on the app into a Curve card without the need to change bank accounts. When you swipe your Curve card, the purchase will then be made from your card of choice. For your peace of mind, the app is protected by bank-level encryption standards with several layers of security such as card authentication before you can add one.

The Curve Metal card offers maximum benefits and the option to link unlimited cards at a monthly subscription fee of €14.99. If you want to check which app features might work for you first, start your journey with the Curve Standard card. This card allows you to link up to two cards and has no subscription fee.

Switch Payments With a Swipe and Avoid Card Declines

debit cards
Rewind your transactions by transferring them from one card to another in a swipe. Energepiccom/Pexels

If you carry multiple cards, there may be times when you unintentionally pay with a card you weren't supposed to. Curve's trademarked go back in time (GBIT) feature allows you to select almost any past transaction on the app and transfer it to another linked card of your choice.

When you initiate the switch, the purchase amount will be refunded to the previously-used card without affecting your credit score. You can also switch transactions from your debit card to your credit card and take advantage of the 0 percent interest-free period to free up cash.

The Curve Standard card allows three GBIT transactions that are a maximum of 30 days old, whereas Curve's Metal card lets you make unlimited GBIT transactions made in the last 120 days.

What could be more stressful than paying with the wrong card? Watching your card get declined, especially when you're out with people. Not only does Curve help you maintain a healthy cash flow, it goes a step further with its anti-embarrassment feature so your Curve card never gets declined.

When you turn on the feature in the app, you'll have the option to add two backup cards. Either one of those cards will then be automatically charged in case your primary card doesn't go through.

Avoid Losing Money to Out-of-network ATM Withdrawal Fees

ATM fees
Out-of-network ATM fees could cost you hundreds of euros every year if you are a regular ATM user. Liliana Drew/Pexels

A 2021 Bankrate checking account and ATM fee study revealed that the average out-of-network ATM Withdrawal Fee stood at $4.59 (€4.54) compared to previous years. This is a significant amount for a regular ATM user. It doesn't make sense to pay that much for accessing your hard-earned money, does it?

With a Curve card, you can avoid losing money to ATM fees for the first 10 withdrawals per rolling 30 day period. After that, a €0.50 fee will apply per withdrawal.

In case you've selected your credit card as the primary payment option on the Curve app, ATM withdrawals will be free up to €200 per calendar month. After that, two percent of the withdrawal amount will be charged as fees‎. ‎Bear in mind that some ATM providers may impose additional charges as well.

Save Big When Shopping In-Store or Online

cashback rewards
Make shopping a side hustle with up to 20 percent cashback on your favorite brands. Tim Douglas/Pexels

Curve offers two separate cashback-based offers — Curve Rewards and Curve Cash — that you can hugely benefit from when you use your Curve card or Samsung Pay+ to make applicable purchases.

Curve Rewards allows you to earn up to 20 percent cashback from tons of well-known brands, including Nike, Amazon, Uber, and JustEat. If your credit card or bank has an existing cashback feature in place, Curve will simply add to your savings. Curve Rewards cashback is treated as e-money that can be used to pay for goods and services in-store or online.

Curve Metal cardholders, on the other hand, can choose six retailers from hundreds of brands to earn one percent instant cashback every time they spend with a Curve card at chosen retailers for the entire duration of the subscription. Moreover, Samsung Pay+ cardholders can benefit from five percent cashback on purchasing Samsung products.

Curve cash rewards accumulate in the form of points. Although they cannot be redeemed as cash, they are converted to e-money only whenever you make a purchase with your Curve Cash card to spend your Curve Cash Points. 100 Curve Cash points are equivalent to £1.

Note that both Curve Rewards and Curve Cash Points are credited to your Curve Cash card on the app. You can spend them when you select the Curve Cash card as a funding source for your Curve card. If you have both Curve Cash points and Curve Rewards in your Curve Cash card, Curve Rewards will be utilised first. Your Curve Cash points will only be converted to e-money and used if there are insufficient other funds to complete a transaction.

Convert Past Purchases Into Monthly Instalments and Build Your Credit Score

credit score
Credit score determines your creditworthiness when applying for loans, credit cards, and mortgage. Pabitra Kaity/Pixabay

With Curve Flex, you can break down nearly any purchase made in the last 12 months into instalments in just one swipe. This way, you can free up cash used in the past for immediate use in your current monthly budget.

Instalment tenure ranges from 3 to 12 months at interest rates starting at 9 percent (which is lower than most credit cards). However, the final rate will still depend on your current credit score. Curve offers a transparent system with upfront and accurate information on how much you have to pay every month without any hidden fees.

When you convert a purchase into instalments, the original amount will be refunded to the original source, and your first instalment will be due in 30 days. Since Curve reports instalment repayments to credit bureaus, timely payments will help build your credit score. In case you miss a payment deadline, you will have seven additional days to pay without any late fees.

Note that when you apply for Flex, Curve will initiate a soft pull on your credit profile to determine your eligibility. This won't affect your credit score.

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