Over the years Michelle Obama has been praised for her style, and this week another photo of the former Flotus went viral. After being captured on camera sporting her natural hair, the photo has been shared widely on social media.

During her eight-year-stay at the White House, the 53-year-old, who is married to former President Barack Obama, was most often spotted with straightened tresses. The photo has sent Twitter into frenzy with her fans celebrating the fact that she finally let her hair go fro.

Twitter user @meagnacarta, shared the photo of Obama said: "This is the picture I have been waiting on for like 3 years. COME ON NATURAL." Another user found it inspiring and wrote, "Michelle Obama rocking natural hair is THE greatest thing to ever happen to me."

Another user commented: "Michelle Obama's fro is f*****g beautiful and I am so sad she had to hide this piece of herself while she was FLOTUS.."

Since moving out of the White House, the Obamas have been vacationing in French Polynesia, where the former Potus is reportedly writing his memoir. The couple signed book deals worth $60m with Penguin Random House and are likely to donate a "significant portion" of earnings from sales to charity.

Meanwhile, the former first lady made an appeared on Fox's reality TV show MasterChef Junior season 5. She surprised the contestants with a mystery box challenge wherein the contestants were asked to dish out simple and healthy food.

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