With less than a month left for Valentine's Day, Pippa Middleton, one of Britain's most suitable bachelorettes, has shared her tips for the special day.

Pippa has urged Britons to "spread the love".

The 28-year-old sister of the Duchess of Cambridge has published a post on the Party Times website that she edits; the post suggests that Valentine's Day is not just for "in-love" couples but also fun and party time with friends.

Pippa might find a new Valentine on February 14 this year. The website post encourages people to spend time with friends and not remain lonely. The much talked about sister of Kate Middleton broke up with her long-term boyfriend Alex Loudon in November last year.

"How about dipping marshmallows and fruit skewers of banana, grapes and strawberries into a molten chocolate fountain," the post on the website says.

"Everyone can join in - just make sure you have napkins at the ready as things may get messy." Who could resist?