Sony said it has managed to sell more than 2.1 million PlayStation 4 units worldwide. Given that many of these customers have started gaming away on their consoles, here is a simple guide that will help configure display and audio on the PS4. Even though it doesn't sound like much, these simple settings have the potential to radically improve the gaming experience.

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Navigating the menu system

1) Jump into the PlayStation Dynamic Menu

2) Press up with the D-pad or with the left stick.

3) Run through the line of icons by moving right.

4) Reach the Settings icon, enter it.

5) You will enter a new menu

Configuring Display

1) Move down to Sound and Screen and press X.

2) Go to Video Output settings > Resolution > Leave it on Automatic, since the console can easily detect the capabilities of your television set.

3) Now back up by pressing circle and go to TV Size in the same menu and pick the correct size of your screen from the list. This is an important step for those of you using 3D TVs, as it will optimise the viewing experience.

4) Back out of this menu and select Display Area Settings. Enlarge or Shrink the box to fit your screen.

Configuring Audio

1) Back out of this area by pressing circle and then enter Audio Output Settings > Primary Output Port > HDMI. This will allow the PS4 to send 5.1 signals to your set up.

2) For those who like things quiet, there is also an option to remove the System Music and Key Note sounds.

3) Simply back up by pressing circle and you can un-tick those two options.

You have now configured your PS4 Audio and Video settings to work at their optimal best.