It seems the austerity measures in Spain are forcing people to act in ever more desperate ways, as a supermarket has been looted by labour union members, in a series of Robin –Hood style attacks. Three people were slightly injured as the looting went on. It is believed the basic goods, worth 1,000 Euros were then handed out to local people.

This lady shows the goods she received.

She then went on to say she didn't think there was anything wrong and that people had to eat.

"I don't think they are wrong. We have to eat even though the government cannot give jobs to the poor. You can see now even the dogs on the street are living well, but we the grassroots Spanish people have to struggle to live on."

Sanchez Gordillo who led the daring raids, is the leader of Andalusia region's labour union; also the mayor of the city of Marinaleda. Seen here, speaking in a public square he has widespread support within the local community. Here he explains his actions and motivation.

"The German banks, Spanish government and the Prime Minister (Mariano) Rajoy are the real robbers. They robbed the money of the poor to support the rich and help the banks. I just want to oppose them by my behaviour."

There have been two lootings carried out by respected labour leaders in the past few days. They feel the Spanish government aren't helping the grass level population. And that this Robin- Hood style looting, from the rich to give to the poor is justified.

Written and presented by Ann Salter