India's power supply has been fully restored after a two-day blackout hit much of the country. More than 600 million people were affected by the power cut, after three electricity grids collapsed, one for a second consecutive day. The power failure caused havoc, with whole cities grinding to a halt and transport and other services badly hit.

Speaking at a press conference the new power minister, Veerappa Moily said that a committee had been formed to investigate the cause of the power blackout.

"The grid has been stabilised and now the effort is now that such things will not recur back again and for that committee has been constituted and I am going to have a brain-storming (session) with that committee, may be within a day or two. My first priority is to ensure that the grid should never collapse; it has to be sustained both on the short and long term basis. So, that is the need of the hour and need of the country, which we are going to ensure."

On Monday, India was forced to buy extra power from the tiny neighbouring kingdom of Bhutan to help it recover from the blackout .There have been accusations that some states overdrew their electricity allocation from the overstretched grid but Mr Moily denied that, and said there would be no penalties imposed.

Written and presented by Ann Salter