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PlayStation Network's flagship series - Powers - debuts on 10 March on PSN. This unique new series is an adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis's hit comic book, Powers, about two homicide detectives who investigate cases of people with extraordinary abilities. Powers stars Sharlto Copley, Susan Heyward, Eddie Izzard, Olesya Rulin and Noah Taylor.

Check out the official description of the new, edgy series:

It does seem quite interesting...maybe like a Chronicle-meets-Entourage and police procedural mashup.

Here's the official synopsis of the pilot episode. In a world where having powers can make you a celebrity, the death of a well-known superhero is headline news. Now Detective Christian Walker and his new partner Deena Pilgrim are on a mission to discover the truth, leading them to Calista (Olesya Rulin), a young woman with a mysterious past and suspicious motives.

Powers premiere episode releases on 10 March on the PlaySstation Network. You can watch it online below:

You can also click here and log on to the show's official website where you can watch the premiere episode live stream online, for free.

The show begins streaming its first three episodes on PlayStation.com on 10 March, with the premiere episode available for free. Each subsequent chapter of Powers' 10-episode first season airs weekly.