President Obama has received a bear hug from an enthusiastic campaign supporter.

Big Apple Pizza owner Scott Van Nuzer could not contain his excitement when the US leader dropped by his restaurant in Florida on his campaign trail.

In a video which is making the rounds online, 6'3" tall Van Duzer is seen exchanging jokes with Obama about his brawny, muscular physique.

"Everybody look at these guns," Obama says as diners look on. "If I eat your pizza, will I look like that?"

After seemingly getting caught in the moment, Van Duzer gives the president a bear hug, and hoists him off the ground.

"It was spur of the moment and genuine. I was just overcome with emotion. It seemed like he was a long-lost friend," Van Duzer told CNN's Wolf Blitze.

"I put him down quickly and didn't run off with him. It was a controlled state and the environment was nonthreatening."