Prince William is set to make history by hosting the first-ever football match at Buckingham Palace as part of The Football Association's 150th anniversary celebrations.

The Duke of Cambridge, who is president of The FA, helped organise the event which will see the gardens of the famous landmark become the world's most exclusive football pitch.

Two of England's oldest amateur clubs will go head to head in the unique Southern Amateur League fixture, which is set to take place on 7 October.

The Queen will still be at Balmoral when Civil Service FC, the world's oldest Association Football club, play their local rivals Polytechnic FC.

William, who recently welcomed his son Prince George with his wife Kate Middleton, praised the 400,000 volunteers every year who help run local matches, and to whom the game is a tribute.

"In our 150th year, it is hugely important for The FA to honour the efforts of the many thousands of volunteers who week in, week out, help to provide the opportunity for millions more people to enjoy football at grassroots level," the Duke said.

"Inviting 150 of these volunteers to Buckingham Palace provides a fitting way for the FA to pay tribute and give thanks."

Just 200 people are expected to attend the game, which will be an invitation-only event.

Greg Dyke, chairman of The FA, said: "These volunteers are the heartbeat of football. Without them, the game simply wouldn't function at a grassroots level and it is only right that The FA honours their tireless and selfless work.

"We are delighted that, in his role as president of The FA, HRH The Duke of Cambridge has given his support to this initiative - even going as far as arranging for the first-ever game of football to be played at Buckingham Palace in honour of our grassroots heroes."

The Duke will present medals to 150 grassroots volunteers in recognition of their dedication to the sport at the football match.