Professor Green and Millie Mackintosh

Professor Green admitted he and his wife Millie Mackintosh sought professional help to save their marriage after it hit the rocks.

Speaking to the Sun, the UK rapper said that the couple, who celebrate their second wedding anniversary this month, went through a bad patch a year into their union. However, the Lucky hit maker said that, after sessions with a therapist, his relationship with former Made In Chelsea star is back on track.

"Sometimes it's easier to understand things when they come from the person who is completely removed from the situation. It's one of the most constructive things I do in my life," he told The Sun.

In his upcoming biography, the 31-year-old reveals that it was during a booze-free detox holiday to Jamaica that the problems started.

"We were at each other's throats. We thought we f***ing hated each other," he explained. "Then we ate normally and had a glass of wine and it was fine. It was the lack of sugar, 100 per cent. I'm never doing that again."

His revelations come as the couple continue to be dogged by split rumours. It was previously reported that the Quality Street heiress demanded a divorce at a showbiz party in April and there was trouble in paradise.

A fellow partygoer told the Sun that Macintosh, 24, screamed: "I want a divorce now! Give me a divorce!"

"Lots of people witnessed the row," another source told the newspaper. "Things escalated and she started screaming about a divorce at the top of her voice."

But Green, whose real name is Stephen Manderson, disputed the claims in August insisting that they were avoiding public dates because he's sick of the limelight. He added that he hates the fact that they are constantly branded an unlikely pair. "I mean, I make more money than Millie. If money makes you posh, then I'm posher than her," he said.