Former US pornstar Sunny Leone, who is now making waves in Indian cinema, is all set to expand the superhero genre in Bollywood. The actress will be seen playing a superheroine in her and husband Daniel Weber's debut home production.

Leone might be on a mission to beat Hollywood in the race for female superheroes as she intends to release her home production in 2016. Leone told Mumbai Mirror that her character in the film is "super bad--s" with an "eyeball-grabbing" outfit! Right on.

"We shoot first, with me in an eyeball-grabbing superhero outfit, a bright cape and special powers. Then, we bring out a comic book series revolving around my character as well as other merchandise," the actress said. Leone also seems to have some pretty ambitious ideas for her film as she compares the setup to Hollywood's Marvel Cinematic Universe (Iron Man, The Avengers).

"We are spinning the story from scratch - from the superwoman's back-end story to how she came to possess her powers, like they do in the Marvel cinematic universe. It's something Bollywood has not fully explored," the actress explained.

So, will fans see some major gravity-defying sequences from the actress in the film? "I'm not telling you that," she said when asked if her character will fly. She did reveal that there will be plenty of kicking, punching and fighting bad guys. "I love the Samurais, they are the real superheroes. And Daniel enjoys Batman because of his dark and dangerous past and evolutionary storyline." The yet-to-be-titled superhero film rolls out in October in Mumbai. Parts of it will be filmed in the US.