Professor Green and Millie Mackintosh have split up. The couple announced their separation in a joint statement after two years of marriage.

Rumours that the Hackney-born rapper, whose real name is Stephen Manderson, and the former Made In Chelsea star were having issues in their marriage started circulating in September 2015, after it was reported that they had sought professional help to save their marriage. The rapper had made comments recently about how little time he was spending with his wife.

The couple said in the statement: "It is with sadness and regret that we confirm our separation. It is a mutual decision, we still care deeply about each other and would like it to be known that it is on amicable terms and we wish each other well."

In October 2015, the rapper revealed he had put plans to have a family on hold as he had still not fully come to terms with his father's suicide eight years ago, telling Mail Online: "I think there's a genetic link with depression and suicide. My dad did it and his brother did it. I haven't yet had suicidal thoughts although there have been a lot of dark, difficult days over the years."

"I felt it was right to take precautions by going to therapy and trying to fix myself, because – being happily married – children are the next logical step. But I can't escape the fact that I am a product of my dad and I don't want to pass this on," he added.

"We've been married two years, but I've always kept [my dad's suicide] out of our relationship. There was one time early on when my nan brought out my embarrassing childhood pictures and we came across one of me and my dad, and I burst into tears. But it is not up to Millie to fix me. Only I can do that," the Read All About It hitmaker said.