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Whilst operating as a company employee, the goal is usually to always remain on an upward trajectory and ultimately seek out promotions.

Often the main reasonings behind this ambition can be financially related or career driven.

However, there can be occasions where a promotion is not ideal. It is vital that employees consider six key aspects before accepting a promotion, as sometimes staying in a current role or earning less can be more beneficial.

  1. Being aware of the responsibilities of your promotion
  2. How will your work-life balance be affected?
  3. What will happen to your professional and personal relationships?
  4. The additional financial implications aside from an increased salary
  5. Measuring your own values against how you may be asked to operate in a new role
  6. The benefits of remaining in your current job

Most importantly, as an employee, you must be aware of exactly what a promotional role will consist of in terms of responsibilities, amount of workload plus the personnel you will be typically interacting with. These elements are present daily for a worker, so if there is going to be issues here, then a promotion will only derail the experience you have with working for your company.

Also, it is worth considering how a promotion can aid your personal development in your chosen industry. If a new role does not require the attributes you excel in or wants you to demonstrate specific skills that you are not eager to work on, a promotion can put a halt to your career ambitions.

Another aspect to consider is how a promotion may affect the balance of your work-life. It can already be tough for some workers to spend the time they desire on non-work activities with family and friends, so a promotion may only lead to more difficulty in finding the right balance.

Ultimately, the main factor needed to be looked at here is making sure there would be enough time for you to decompress from work amidst having larger responsibility.

It is also vital that you assess how the various relationships in your life will be altered should you accept a promotion. For example, a promotion that leads to a position with greater authority may mean you have to manage people you were once equal to, which may make you uncomfortable.

Also, you should make sure the promotion does not affect your personal relationships out of the workplace as being stressed out from more work could lead to you ruining the time you get to spend with them. Family and friends may become aware of you being burnt out from extra duties and that can affect them as well as you.

With regard to one of the biggest factors when weighing up a promotion offer, finances, it is necessary to estimate how much a promotion will require you to spend and not just what you will earn. A promotion may call for a relocation, more travel expenses or smarter attire, and this can lead to you already spending much of an increased new salary.

If you are happy to have larger expenses as you will still be making more money overall, then it can be wise to take up a promotion. This is as increased pay can help you better afford important expenses such as mortgages and bills, whilst giving greater financial security.

An additional aspect to consider is your own journey and whether you feel comfortable with moving up in command. You should ensure that a promotion will not divert you too far off from where you intend to go in your career, as you will only be exerting energy into a process that will give you no personal satisfaction.

Furthermore, if a promotion requires you to go about your new responsibilities in a method unfamiliar to your values, it is better to reject the proposal as you will have achieved success at a cost.

Lastly, weighing up the positives of staying in your current role is paramount, as you may already be getting everything you need from work in that moment. You may be learning at the right pace, having a good work-life balance and earning enough money to satisfy yourself.

Making the decision to turn down better pay and larger authority can be tough, but you should remember to reject a promotion gracefully, and explain to bosses how you are still committed in your current position. Demonstrating this can keep you in the minds of your superiors for future promotions, which may come at a time when you are infact ready to climb up the company ranks.