Friends, relatives and supporters of an unarmed teenager who was shot dead in Florida have been protesting at what they claim is the poor handling of the case.

Trayvon Martin was only 17. He was heading home from the shops with sweets from the local shops at Twin Lakes chatting on the phone to his girlfriend. But local resident and Neighbour Watchman, George Zimmerman, saw things differently. He followed Trayvon through the gated community because he reckoned the boy- who was wearing a hoodie - was acting suspiciously. Zimmerman made one of his many calls to the police. But then moments later - apparently after some sort of fight - Zimmerman shot the boy dead. Police didn't arrest him at the time.

Now hundreds have taken to the streets claiming they don't trust the local police department to handle the case sensitively or fairly. And also to express disquiet at Florida's 'Stand Your Ground Law' which says that to get away with murder you only have to prove you feared your life was in danger.

The Civil Rights division of the US Justice Department and the FBI have launched an investigation into the killing.