Queen Elizabeth II along with the Duke of Edinburgh have led senior royal members during the Commonwealth Day Observance in Westminister Abbey on 12 March, 2012.

Present at the event were the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall and the Countess of Wessex along with over 1,000 school children and 200 other VIPs, including high commissioners and the prime minister. This year's observance is regarded as significant as it marks the queen's diamond jubilee and her 60th year as the head of the Commonwealth.

The theme for the current year observance is "Connecting Cultures" with performances of music and dance from around the world. The occasion also marks the start of the Commonwealth celebrations for the queen's diamond jubilee with various members of the royal family visiting Commonwealth countries around the world.

Dressed in a pink outfit with a matching hat, the queen attended the event with the other royals and spoke about the importance of cultural connections in the Commonwealth of Nations.

"This year, our Commonwealth focus seeks to explore how we can share and strengthen the bond of Commonwealth citizenship we already enjoy by using our cultural connections to help bring us even closer together, as family and friends across the globe," the Telegraph quoted the Queen saying.

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