A new waxwork figure of The Queen was unveiled by Madame Tussauds in London today to mark the monarch's Diamond Jubilee. The figure is the 23rd mannequin of The Queen to be made by the famous London attraction.

The Queen looks softer and warmer in this version, with a wry smile. While a beaming Duke and Duchess of Cambridge look on linking arms.

The Queen's dresser created the original state dress made of white silk, satin and lace with silver-coloured sequins . While Prince Phillip standing near, looks in good health. What a handsome couple.

Sculptor Steve Swales remembers being nervous when he met the Queen and who can blame him, when it's your job to make sure the Queen looks good on her Diamond Jubilee.


"I didn't think I would be nervous, I must admit, because we've done sit-ins with some very eminent people in the past, but as soon as she walked in the room, I remember my throat just caught. So it was quite an experience."

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