Everyone has heard of so called 'Disaster Divorces' that drag on forever, cost thousands and ruin everyone's lives. But one forward thinking Dutch entrepreneur Jim Halfens, has set up a 'Divorce Hotel' where people check in from Friday to Sunday. Meet their lawyer, a mediator, an estate agent and other professionals if required, and everything is sorted out in a speedy three day turn around.

The Divorce Hotel has performed seventeen divorces in six different hotels in the Netherlands. The operation can be performed in any hotel with a suite that has two rooms available.

Marie-Louise Van, a divorce lawyer, said this approach might not be right for every situation. But then it is, often said, lawyers benefit most from any divorce.

It seems the 'Divorce Hotel', concept is proving very popular and after conquering the Netherlands the next step for Halfens, is to enter the US market, by creating a reality television show with real clients involved. Still if they do a link up, with that other massively successful US show 'Cheaters' ,the hotel will be bursting at the seams.

Written and Presented by Ann Salter