Rapper T.I. has revealed that Will Smith attempted to have him released from prison by contacting President Obama.

The 32-year-old Live Your Life hit maker, who returned to jail for the second time in October 2010 for probation violation, claimed that the Men in Black actor went out of his way for him during his incarceration.

"Will actually went as far as getting in touch with [attorney general] Eric Holder and the Obama administration trying to see if we could get some kind of release. He was very politely told that was not possible" said a laughing T.I.

"He [Smith] was in deep discussions about it. And he's been a huge contributor to the administration, and I mean not just in finances, I'm talking about time and other kinds of efforts, so it ain't like his words were falling on deaf ears.

"I didn't expect nobody to be able to help me. I knew I made my bed and I knew I had to lay in it."

T.I., whose real name is Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr., was first sent to prison for a year in March 2009 on U.S. federal weapons convictions.

He returned to prison to serve another 11 months after he and his wife were arrested on drug charges in Los Angeles.

T.I., who has also starred in films such as Takers and American Gangster, insisted that he received support from a host of other celebrities including fellow rapper Eminem.

"Of course, Em [EMINEM] He was extremely supportive and inspirational during that time. Busta Rhymes, Puffy, Lyor Cohen, Russell Simmons, Nelly, David Banner, Charlie Mack" all provided help in addition to Smith.