RBS and Natwest customers are still reporting balance issues after a system problem preventing payments was resolved (Reuters)

Some RBS and NatWest customers are still reporting balance issues despite the banks saying their Cyber Monday systems crash has been resolved.

Many RBS and NatWest customers could not access online or phone banking services or make card or PayPal payments on Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping day of the year for the UK.

A statement from RBS Group, the parent of both banks, said it had fixed the systems issues and would compensate any customers who had been put out of pocket by the glitch.

However, some customers have taken to Twitter to report an ongoing problem with their accounts.

"The balance in my account has been reduced, I don't understand why, it's not at £0, is this what everyone else is getting?" tweeted user xSiobhanGray at the RBS Help feed.

"Transferred money from my BoS account to RBS account on Sat. Balance was showing to be there on Sunday, now not there. Advice please," tweeted MissFifer.

Jay_1990MCFC tweeted to RBS Help that "money appears to be missing but seeing other comments on your page I'm not alone."

An RBS spokesman told IBTimes UK: "There will be situations where things will need to be corrected. The problem itself has been resolved, but there will be residual things that just need to be resolved that just need to be looked at this morning and that's what we're doing.

"Anyone affected should either call us or call into a branch if that's better for them, whichever one suits."

RBS is 81% owned by British taxpayers after it was bailed out by the government during the financial crisis.