Kaja Traczyk

Kaja Traczyk is a reporter for the International Business Times UK and a Journalism Undergraduate with experience in news writing, reporting, and researching.

Kaja Traczyk

Rishi Sunak Receives Backlash Over Delays In Net Zero Plans

Rishi Sunak has revealed plans for a policy change that could potentially delay significant government pledges towards achieving net-zero emissions, a move that has sparked strong criticism from both Labour and Conservative members of parliament, as well as environmental organisations.

M62 Closed Due to Fatal Collision

The M62 has closed in both directions due to a fatal collision near Manchester, which resulted in the death of a man. Long delays and gridlock on the M62 will disrupt transport until 2 p.m.

Why is Singapore's birth rate so low?

Singapore, one of the most expensive countries to live in, hit a record-low birth rate in 2022 after years of consistent decline, and the government introduced new benefits to couples who are starting families.