Rihanna wanted to show the world what a good time she was having. At least that's what her Hawaiian holdiay photos posted on her Facebook page reveal.

The Bajan singer posted 169 pictures of herself and friends on her Facebook account taken in in January shortly after partying at California's Coachella festival.

A set of sexy holiday snaps show RiRi having fun in the Sun, enjoying on the beach, lounging on a surf board and even posing topless under a waterfall. She was seen splashing around in a rocky pool beneath a waterfall. She ripped off her top holding it over her head, while covering her breasts with her other arm, reported the Daily Mail.

Rihanna couldn't stop getting dirty in one of the pictures that showed off her toned body in a white bikini.

Recently, there have been several rumours surfacing about Rihanna's love life which has been a subject of speculation. She has been linked with Two and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher and ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

But, the singer has been refusing to talk about her love life in public. Recently, when a reporter questioned her about her link with Hollywood stars, the singer got frustrated and ended the interview abruptly.

The incident happened in Australia when RiRi was there to promote her new movie Battleship.

A reporter from the Australian talk show Sunrise raised the topic of Rihanna's love life during the interview and reportedly asked "How difficult it is finding love and being linked to another Hollywood star when you've barely met them?".

"Very frustrating. Nearly as frustrating as being asked about it. I mean what's the point?," Rihanna replied sharply.

Though the reporter tried to get more response from her by pointing out her celebrity status and people's curiosity to know more about her, Rihanna preferred to walk out of the interview.

"Yeah well, they're interested in a lot of things that don't matter... or shouldn't," Rihanna snapped back and ended the conversation.

Well, girl, you may not be interested in people knowing about her relationships, but you certainly do love sharing your sexy pictures with the world!