Rio Closing Ceremony
The flame goes out on the Rio Games Getty Images

Rio Closing Ceremony
The Olympic torch is put out in the Maracana Getty Images

And with that, the 2016 Games are over. It's been 16 days of great fun and has provided us all with some incredible memories.

Team GB's performance has been brilliant, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. And we'll do it all again in four years' time.

Thanks for joining our live coverage of the closing ceremony and indeed, our coverage throughout the Games. Goodbye, Rio.


"Bye bye, Rio," says Thomas Bach. The symbolic flame is set to be extinguished now as the metaphorical sun sets on Rio 2016.

Rio Closing Ceremony
The Olympic torch has been passed to Japan Getty Images


IOC president Thomas Bach says: "Congratulations Brazil. Brazil, we love you. Thank you for your warm hospitality. For the last 16 days a united Brazil inspired the world."

He adds: "You have many reasons to be proud. These Olympic Games show diversity is an enrichment for everyone. These Olympic Games were a celebration of diversity."

Rio Closing Ceremony
Thomas Bach waves the Olympic flag Getty Images


Rio is the focus of the world and even space this evening, it seems. This is pretty cool.


Carlos Nuzman says: "Twenty-seven world records and 91 Olympic records. We have organised a marvellous Olympics in a marvellous city.

"When we won the Games I said Rio was ready to make history. Rio has delivered history. Good luck for Tokyo 2020."

Rio Closing Ceremony
Tokyo takes over the Maracana Stadium Getty Images


President of the organising committee Carlos Nuzman and IOC president Thomas Bach are ready to make their speeches.

Rio Closing Ceremony
Japan previews the 2020 Games Getty Images



Didn't believe me, huh?

Rio Closing Ceremony
Japan's Prime Minister as Super Mario Getty Images


Among the many things I didn't expect to see at these Games, the sight of the Prime Minister of Japan portraying Super Mario would have been right up there. But that's what happened. Fair play.

Rio Closing Ceremony
The scene inside the Maracana Getty Images


Here's the customary promotional video. The local tourist boards must be licking their lips at the thought of hosting these Games, eh.

Rio Closing Ceremony
The Olympic torch is passed on Getty Images


The Olympic flag is passed on to the governor of Japan and now we will hear the national anthem of the next host nation.

In some senses, the 2020 Games start here and now.


If you enjoy the pomp and circumstance of these things, then this is the moment for you. The Olympic flag comes down, as Thomas Bach and the mayor of Rio come into view.

We're set for the symbolic passing of the torch. Rio 2016 is nearly over.

Rio Closing Ceremony
New IOC committee members pose for a selfie Getty Images


Now there's a tune dedicated to the legion of volunteers who underpinned these Games. I don't know what's being sung but I'll assume it's all rather lovely.

Then, the national of anthem of Greece as the Olympic flag is lowered.

Rio Closing Ceremony
Fireworks are set off over the Maracana Getty Images


A little housekeeping from the IOC now, who introduce the newly-appointed members of their commission. It's slightly awkward because it features Yelena Isinbayeva, the Russian who was banned from competing in Rio.

Yelena Isinbayeva
Yelena Isinbayeva has been elected on to the IOC commission Getty Images


This has all been brilliantly wacky so far.


All three medalists walk off with their gongs to join the party themselves.

Rio 2016 closing ceremony
Rio 2016 closing ceremony Reuters


In case you missed the news earlier, Kenya's Eliud Kipchoge took gold, with Feyisa Lilesa winning the silver and American Galen Rupp collecting bronze.

Eliud Kipchoge
Eliud Kipchoge winning the marathon Getty Images


A bit odd, this. The closing ceremony comes to a halt for the final medal ceremony of Rio 2016 for the men's marathon. In fairness, I suppose they deserve the acclaim after doing 20-odd miles.

Seb Coe is in attendance to do the honours alongside Thomes Bach.

Rio 2016 closing ceremony
Rio 2016 closing ceremony Fabrizio Bensch/Reuters


This is all very eye-catching but also a little surreal, too. It's like something from the maddest cartoon you could ever watch.

Rio 2016 closing ceremony
Rio 2016 closing ceremony Reuters


This section of the ceremony pays tribute to the exportation of modelling clay. I'll leave you to ponder that.

Meanwhile, back to those snazzy-looking shoes.


It's all music, dance and colour inside the iconic Maracana Stadium for the moment. What a difference 24 hours can make, eh.

Neymar celebrates his brilliant goal in the Olympic football final in the Maracana Getty Images


As the athletes are all sat down, the stadium has taken to celebrating the contribution of Brazil's black population to the country's culture.

Everyone appears to be enjoying themselves, in spite of the British-like weather.