Spider-Man will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe Marvel/Sony

One would think that a superhero like Spider-Man won't have much problems getting recruited into The Avengers team but that might not be the case. Going by latest rumours, looks like Spidey will have to prove his mettle to become part of Marvel's superhero squad and the Avenger testing him will be none other than - Iron Man.

A Latino Review report reveals some interesting unconfirmed details about the new Spider-Man movie, which will form part of Marvel's superhero films lineup.

According to the website, the film will feature a much younger Spider-Man and will be titled Spectacular Spider-Man. "A large part of the film will feature Iron Man and Spider-Man going toe-to-toe as a test of sorts to see if Spider-Man is tough enough to be in the Avengers." It was also earlier reported that Marvel's Spider-Man reboot will not be an origin tale.

The report states that director Drew Goddard (Cabin in the Woods) - originally attached to the proposed Spider-Man spin-off Sinister Six - will write and direct the new Spectacular Spider-Man standalone movie. This could be a smart move by Marvel as Goddard is Joss Whedon's (Avengers: Age of Ultron) protégé.

Though these are all rumours at this point; according to Vanity Fair, trade reports say that Goddard is expected to meet with studio executives about the project this week, so fans can expect an official announcement soon.

Having Robert Downey Jr in the new Spider-Man movie will definitely work wonders for the studio and will also be a delightful treat for fans. Having two of the most popular Marvel superheroes in one film could be the best way to kickstart Spider-Man's new reboot.

Downey has mentioned in the past that even though there's no Iron Man 4 in the offing, he will continue to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a long time.