Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
Why is Kristen Stewart Not Visiting Robert Pattinson In London/Reuters REUTERS

Twilight star Kristen Stewart is not willing to spend Christmas with her on and off boyfriend Robert Pattinson as she is not very comfortable with his family.

"Kristen would love to see Rob in London but she doesn't want to be the source of any tension between Rob and his sisters. She feels like she's in good terms with Rob's mom after all the cheating drama," a source revealed to

"If things were different with the rest of his family, she would be there for Christmas, but she still has concerns. The last thing she wants is to bring any drama whatsoever to Rob's world," the source added.

Pattinson apparently invited Stewart to London to spend the holidays with his family even as rumours were doing the rounds that his family hated her.

"They can't stand Kristen; his family is terrified that he will never get away from her. They think she's bad news, but there's something about Kristen that he just can't resist," the source is quoted as saying.

"Rob reached out to Kristen to congratulate her for Camp X-Ray being selected for Sundance. They talked for a while and by the end of the conversation he invited her to come see him in London," a friend of Stewart friend told

Meanwhile, on the professional front, Stewart has landed herself one of the most coveted deals in the fashion industry. She is the new face of Chanel.

The campaign, which will apparently be shot by Karl Lagerfeld, will air in May 2014.

Pattinson is also all set to star in a new drama titled The Childhood of a Leader. It is directed by Brady Corbet and also stars Juliette Binoche and Tim Roth.

The plot focuses on the childhood of a post-World War I leader. It is tentatively scheduled to shoot in Europe starting in May.