Alexander Shprygin
Russia's football fans leader Alexander Shprygin holds a flag as he leaves with others fans the international airport Sheremetevo near Moscow on 18 June after being deported from France. He re-entered the country and was arrested again by French authorities Getty

The leader of a Russian supporters' group who was expelled from France for hooliganism, has been arrested again after re-entering the country.

Alexander Shprygin was among 20 Russians who were deported after being accused of involvement in skirmishes around the English clash with Russia in Marseille. Three Russian fans were convicted and sentenced to prison.

But on Monday 20 June, ahead of Russia's clash with Wales, Shprygin posted pictures on Twitter showing him at the stadium in Toulouse. He appeared to have travelled into the country overland.

Despite being kicked out of France, Alexander Shprygin posted an image of himself outside the Toulouse stadium. He was later arrested

Ahead of his team's 3-0 defeat against Wales, he told the AFP: "The French authorities told me I was not deported but just expelled, my Schengen visa has not been cancelled and all the stamps are there. So I can legally be in the European Union."

But a French interior ministry spokesman told the agency: "Alexander Shprygin was arrested in the stadium this evening and placed in custody. His case will be examined... and could lead to legal proceedings."

Shprygin is part of a Russian government group overseeing Moscow's preparations for the 2018 World Cup.