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Rick Stein's Taste of Shanghai BBC

If you'd rather watch paint dry than watch the football, you'll be pleased to know that BBC2 have cooked up an interesting alternative to the Euro 2016 Slovakia v England game. Celebrity chef Rick Stein has scored a right treat with Monday night's Taste Of Shanghai (20 June).

The seafood expert, who owns a number of fish and chip restaurants, delved into the China's biggest city and explores whether it has clung onto its culinary roots. He also wants to add a few more dishes to his Chinese repertoire, and samples rich red braised pork which is a favourite of Chairman Mao.

We'll also see mouth-watering hairy crabs and dumplings that sag under the weight of the hot liquid and burst at the slightest touch. Viewers will no doubt be envious of Stein's first-hand experiences of the smells and sights of Shanghai and its traditional to modern street food.

Stein will scribble down notes like a culinary detective on his trip, mentioning in one of his foodie guides that Shanghai is "the red-haired stepchild of Chinese food".

Most importantly, we will find out what Stein – one of the UK's most celebrated chefs – really thinks about Chinese food, and we may see him struggle with a yellow rice wine tasting session.

Watch Rick Stein's Taste Of Shanghai on BBC2 at 8pm.