I have been to many places to watch football, some more friendly than others. From the moment you got off the train in Marseille you could see you're not welcome. Yes, England fans have a bad reputation from incidents in the past and still have a few muppets that follow them. But this was different.

These were gangs of local youths and Russians both before and after the game looking to provoke and going for families, or anyone they believed to be English. On arrival I saw a bunch of Russians attacking a group of locals outside a bar. One England fan, after I walked out of the station chased after me to advise me to walk in the other direction.

England fans
England fans fled the Stade Velodome after coming under attack from Russia supporters at full-time. Getty

Me and a mate did had a perfectly good laugh with some Russia fans just hours before kick-off but inside the ground, a mess up by the stadium stewards saw me initially end up in the Russia end. Luckily enough, I was able to get back to my seat in the England end in time for kick-off.

A lot of people warned me about Marseille. Though I have heard those warnings before and never had any bother. I remain positive but given that I have another ticket for a game in Marseille I am not sure whether it is worth it.

French police fire tear gas at England fans in Marseille IBTimes UK

The press reaction in France has been about the English, not about the Russians who attacked fans inside the stadium. Don't believe all you read in the newspapers, though yes England have had issues in the past. But there are two sides to every story. On this occasion the majority of English fans were innocent.