A 37-year-old Russian-American man, Alexander Gorbunov from Florida, USA, drives along the highways with the rear of his car bearing a board which reads: "Looking for Wife." Also written below is a number for any interested woman who may want to call.

However, Gorbunov, a Hollywood mechanic and Hummer tour operator is not looking for love for himself. This unusual kind of marketing is a result of his hobby to play a matchmaker for his friends and family, reports Miami Herald.

"I have a lot of single friends," Gorbunov told the publication. "It's for fun. I like to bring people together."

One woman, Erika Santos had called up on the number after seeing it on Gorbunov's car and is now dating his uncle Michael Korol.

"I couldn't be happier," Santos said.

It has been about eight months since Gorbunov started displaying the board and since then he has been getting a minimum of 15 to 20 calls and messages a day.

Also, the women approaching him are not restricted to the local area. Thanks to some people who have posted pictures of the board on Facebook, he has got calls from women who are from California, Georgia, Michigan, and even Brazil, France and China.

The report further says that from among all the calls that he receives; about 80 percent of them are serious about finding a match. He has even got calls from women calling on behalf of their daughters, and also one 85-year-old woman looking for a match for herself.

Gorbunov himself is single and is looking for love but says that he is looking for some sort of an adventure just like his parents who got married in one week of meeting each other.

"I don't look at the superficial. I'm looking for intelligence, for the right feeling. So far, I haven't felt it. It'll come to me on its own," he said.