Ryback has said that CM Punk started to dislike him after he asked the wrestler-turned-MMA fighter to stop doing a gesture similar to his "feed me more" taunt in the squared circle.

The Big Guy, who quit the WWE in 2016, has said that Vince McMahon was the one who did not allow him to use his catchphrase in the ring, while he was working as heel in the company and added that everybody in the federation knew he was told not to use the taunt for "whatever that whole f*****g period was".

At one of the shows, Ryback saw Punk doing "CM Punk! CM Punk!" taunt on the monitor backstage. When Punk entered the locker room after doing his gig, Ryback confronted the former for using a taunt similar to his.

Ryback has said he told Punk that he "was f*****g doing that before" the latter and was the one responsible for getting the taunt over with fans.

"When he came back there just said, 'I don't appreciate you doing this. That was taken away from me. That was my thing. I got it over' and he was caught off guard with the whole thing, like, 'I was f*****g doing that before!' And I go, 'you didn't get it over. I did.' And he wasn't happy. That's when he really started to hate me," Ryback said on the recent Conversation With The Big Guy podcast.

He also revealed why McMahon would get mad at him when he was working at the WWE.

"I got in trouble multiple times for doing things much less... just like, off-the-cuff that got great reactions that Vince would get mad at because that wasn't verbatim off the page," he said.

"When people always say, 'these guys need to go off the script,' they don't understand it depends who you are at times. That hurt me more than anything on promo stuff. And he would get furious with me at that. It was disappointing because it was never a lot."

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