Picking fights with whomever you please, stealing cars by jumping in through the window and having fire fights while diving out of a disintegrating aeroplane, all while being hailed a celebrity by everyone you meet. 'Saints Row: The Third' makes 'Grand Theft Auto' look like a Disney game.

Saints Row: the Third

For those who don't know, 'Saints Row' looks and feels similar to 'Grand Theft Auto', featuring an enormous city to roam around with a jacket packed with ammunition; Steelport city is full of people, cars and buildings to do with as you please.

Game developer Volition Inc released a new trailer at the end of last week, just days before the UK release on November 18. The newest trailer shows a character leaping from the roof of a skyscraper, pulling their parachute and landing on a jet, which is hovering below. The jet then speeds off with the character standing on top, before being thrown off.

Safe to say, that 'Saints Row: The Third' takes playing around in a sandbox game to a whole new level, and any game that lets players wear a fury animal costume while driving around in a vehicle that sucks up and shoots pedestrians out of a cannon, is designed with just one thing in mind - having fun.

'Saints Row: The Third' can never be accused of taking itself too seriously - or, indeed, seriously at all - and while certain newspapers might be alarmed at attacking gangs of youths with an airstrike, the game appeals to those who want to mess around in a fairly realistic city while dressed like a pimp. Or an astronaut, you're choice.

Check out the extended gameplay trailer with commentary below. Video contains strong language and scenes of a graphic nature.