IFA 2012 is still going on at the moment, but a whole host of new products were unveiled by the likes of Asus, Sony, and Samsung.

The major launch was that of Samsung's Galaxy Note 2, a follow up to the original Note now boasting a bigger screen and running on the latest Android OS, Jelly Bean.

Samsung also surprised many with the Galaxy Camera, a fresh take on the camera phone concept, by having a phone effectively slapped on the back of a 16 megapixel camera.

But even Samsung couldn't match Asus for wild imagination. The computer company clearly believes one screen is not enough anymore as they showed off the Taichi, a laptop with a screen on the front and on the back!

Sony announced their latest smartphone the Xperia T, featuring a 4.65in screen and a huge 13 megapixel sensor on the rear. The stylish phone will soon be seen in the hands of one James Bond, when 007 uses the handset in upcoming film Skyfall.

Sony also announced a ridiculously large 84in TV, with a resolution four times that of HD. With a rumoured price tage of £20,000, don't expect to see these flying off the shelves.

What was most interesting to see was the multitude of devices running Microsoft's tablet orientated OS Windows 8. Various convertible laptop/tablets were unveiled, including Samsung's Ativ Smart PC, which combined a 11.6in display with a full-sized keyboard dock. Whilst the direction these hybrids is uncertain, IFA gave us an exciting glimpse of the near future.

Written and presented by Alfred Joyner