Samsung Galaxy AI
Samsung teams up with Transport for London to promote the Galaxy S24's Circle to Search feature. Wikimedia Commons

Samsung has given London's iconic Tube map a futuristic makeover to showcase its new "Circle to Search with Google" feature on the Galaxy S24 series. This remarkable campaign aims to showcase the intuitive search experience.

The recently unveiled Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus and Galaxy S24 Ultra boasts an impressive array of AI-powered features. However, there's a lot of hype around the new S24 lineup's Circle to Search feature, which allows users to circle the item or text of interest using their finger or an S Pen to trigger a search.

Unsurprisingly, this heavily promoted AI feature has become the talk of the town. Building more buzz for its new Circle to Search feature, Samsung partnered with Transport for London to revamp the London Underground map.

Samsung's innovative take on mobile search

For the first time in over 90 years, the iconic Harry Beck Tube Map has been radically overhauled. A blog post shared on Samsung Newsroom UK says that the Tube map at 5 key stations including King's Cross, Blackfriars, Westminster, Liverpool Street and Paddington will replaced by a Samsung-designed circular map for the next 2 weeks.

This limited-edition map shows all 11 London Underground lines and also "temporarily shows the Circle line as the 'Circle to Search' line," Samsung noted.

To those unaware, the Circle Line is a part of the London Underground system and it has a spiral shape. It runs from Hammersmith to Edgware Road and loops around central London.

Circle to Search is a game-changer

You can access the new Circle to Search feature from any screen on the latest Galaxy S24 series smartphones. The AI tool is compatible with most apps on any screen including web browsers, Gallery and the live feed of the Camera app.

"The launch of the Galaxy S24 Series with the new Circle to Search with Google feature marks a new era of mobile experience for Samsung, and we're proud to commemorate the devices going on sale today with this activation," Annika Bizon, Director of Marketing, Omnichannel & Head of Ireland – MX Division said.

TM Roh, President of Samsung's mobile division, recently confirmed that Galaxy AI is headed to Galaxy S23 devices. Regrettably, Samsung's Head of Customer Experience, Patrick Chomet revealed that the company's 2022 devices are not likely to get Galaxy AI.

Likewise, the Circle to Search feature is currently available only for the Galaxy S24 series and Google's Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones. It will be interesting to see whether more devices will get it before the end of this year.

Customers enjoying free access to the Galaxy S24's AI features should be aware that this perk will end in 2025, as confirmed by Roh.