Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud has been found guilty of murdering his aide in a devastating attack on Valentine's day this year.

The pair had been previously captured on CCTV fighting on January 22, whilst the Saudi prince was known for his plush 'homosexual' lifestyle which saw him entertain gay escorts in five star hotels as he travelled the world.

Saud Abdulaziz - a 34 year old member of one of the most powerful and richest dynasties in the world - was convicted despite thinking he had immunity from British justice. The pair were found in their five star hotel room in the having fought in the early hours of February 15 - with his aide simply letting himself be killed without putting up a fight.

Experts suggested that Mr Abdulaziz - aide - had been so worn down in previous fights that he had received a 'cauliflower ear' and swollen eye.

"Beneath the surface this was a deeply abusive relationship which the defendant exploited, as the assaults in the lift so graphically demonstrate, for sadistic reasons, for his own personal gratification." said Jonathan Laidlaw QC, prosecuting, "The abuse extended beyond physical abuse. There was plainly an emotional element and psychological element to it."

Saud Abdulaziz was convicted after just one hour and thirty five minutes of deliberation by the jury.