The Scare Kingdom Scream Park has outraged  rape charities over its latest attraction
The Scare Kingdom Scream Park has outraged rape charities over its latest attraction

A Halloween attraction which involves visitors being strapped to a bed, smothered with a pillow and mounted by a man has been condemned as "horrendous" by rape charities.

The Scare Kingdom Scream Park, held at Hawkshaw Farm park, has been running for five years in Lancashire. But this year, the organisers added a new attraction called Psychomanteum which promised to offer a "sensory-deprived scare experience".

Before entering the strictly over 18s-only attraction, visitors must sign a disclaimer and are given a safe word to use if the experience becomes too traumatising.

During the visit, people are forced into a wheelchair and strapped onto a bed before having a pillow put over their face. One visitor said that a man then climbs on top of them and places the pillow so hard on their face they "really struggle to breathe".

She adds the man held a sex toy in front of her face before being chased out of the room by a man with a chainsaw.

The Psychomanteum has now been condemned by rape charities as offering a "degrading, humiliating" experience instead of entertainment.

Jo Wood, a trustee at Rape Crisis, said: "I am absolutely horrified that anyone can find it okay to prey on a woman's deepest vulnerability and fear in this way in the name of cheap thrills. For who exactly?

"I can only imagine the damage this would do to a recovering victim, a long ago victim - or any sane member of public to be honest.

Valerie Wise, chief executive of Preston Domestic Violence Service added: "I think it is legitimising violence against people.

"The most common victims of personal violence are women. I think to make entertainment out of violence against people is horrendous."

Jason Karl, chief creative executive of AtmosFEAR! Scare Entertainment, who run the park, defended the attraction.

He said: "Psychomanteum is a strictly 18 plus attraction which is an additional feature of the park.

"It is up to guests whether or not to enter. Those who do enter have the content of the experience explained and sign a disclaimer saying they wish to experience it.

"We have had many positive reviews and feedback from guests, none of whom have complained of being offended by their experience.

"Attractions of this nature have previously been operated in various scare entertainment parks all over the world."

The Scare Kingdom was voted the 'number one scream park' in 2011.