Jattai Bees
Jattai bees guarding their nest University of Sussex

Scientists from the Universities of Sussex and Sao Paulo have discovered soldier bees in Brazil.

The researchers conducted studies on the Tetragonisca angustula - a type of stingless bee found in the country. The bee is also called Jataí.

The study led to suggestions that Jataí bees have soldiers bees guarding their nests from intruders. One of the more common intruders, in this case, is the Lestrimelitta limao bee (also known as robber bee) because it invades the nests of other bees and kills them.

According to the study, Jatai soldiers bees are quite big, compared to normal bees; they have larger legs and a smaller head. Jatai bees build nests in a tree and each nest has approximately 10,000 workers and one queen.

"Stingless bees are not defenceless. Jataí is one of the most common bees found in Brazil, but its sophisticated defences make it one of the most amazing," says Professor Francis Ratnieks from the University of Sussex