Scott Quigg
Scott Quigg was visited by Wayne Rooney post his loss to Carl Frampton on Saturday Getty

Boxer Scott Quigg revealed that footballer Wayne Rooney visited him in his locker room, after his points defeat to Carl Frampton in their all-British bout in Manchester on 27 February. Saturday. The match which was a closely fought contest, saw Quigg lose only by a split-point decision with Framton winning after 12 rounds in front of a 20,000 sell-out Manchester crowd.

Speaking to reporters at the post match press conference, Quigg said: "He said to keep my chin up- I said I'd have to keep it straight first, as quoted from DailyMail.

"He was just saying he has lost a Champions League final and it hurts- but you have to learn from it and come back stronger."

"I'm very grateful for someone of his stature to come and give me those words."

Rooney who is an avid fan of boxing, was involved in a friendly twitter duel with golfer Rory McIlroy over the result of the match, with Rooney promising the Irishman a nightout on his expense if Frampton won.

The boxer who is currently recovering from a surgery, broke his jaw after he was punched by Frampton in the fourth round, with many saying that it was this that lead him to be cautious for the rest of the fight. Quigg though is doing fine, tweeting this picture, hours after his surgery.