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Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift share a strong bond Getty

Selena Gomez was pictured with Katy Perry at the Golden Globes after-party. Taylor Swift, who does not share good relationship with the Roar hitmaker, was apparently fine that they spent time together at the event.

"During the Globes, photographers pair people together. The celebs are also usually put together in VIP sections to stay away from other partygoers, so they are given some type of space. Whomever you hang out with and see is sometimes forced on you and often uncontrollable. Taylor knows that Selena and Katy's conversation wasn't about her, so she is not thinking of it as any type of shade. Taylor is not bothered or disturbed with who Selena is hanging with because she has dealt with her being with Justin [Bieber] in the past. She can separate it and is happy to have Selena as her friend," a source told Hollywood Life.

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Swift and Perry were best friends for a long time before things turned sour. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Calvin Harris' girlfriend had revealed that the song Bad Blood from her latest album 1989 is about a former friend. The two apparently fought over backup dancers.

Perry took a dig at Swift during the 2015 Super Bowl half-time show, which took place on 1 February 2015 at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona. During the performance, the 30-year-old singer's backup dancers wore high-waist polka-dot bikinis, something similar to what Swift had worn while holidaying with Conor Kennedy on the shores of Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, in 2012.

In July 2015, Gomez played a game of Tabloid True or False with New Zealand radio's The Edge Afternoons and talked about her relationship with Perry. The radio host asked: "Is it true that you called Katy Perry after the 'Bad Blood' video just to make sure she knew that you were acting and you weren't being mean to her?"

"That's false. I love Katy. I just talked to her. She's amazing. But I didn't talk about that, but I just talked to her. She's awesome," Gomez replied.