Floods caused by Typhoon Hinnamnor have battered South Korea and have led to a significant loss of life and property.

In the latest tragic incident reported from the country's south-eastern port city of Pohang, seven people lost their lives after getting trapped in an underground car park during flood.

The victims had gone to the car park to move their cars, but got trapped there by the incoming torrents. The current was so strong that they did not even have enough time to run out of the basement.

The officials involved in search and rescue operations were able to save two people who had managed to cling to ceiling pipes for more than 12 hours.

Both of them are in stable condition. According to a BBC report, the rescuers had to wade through metres of muddy water to look for the bodies on Tuesday night.

According to local media reports, all nine people were residents of the same apartment building. They had been asked by the building's management to move their cars.

President Yoon Suk-yeol expressed grief over the deaths and said he would travel to the region to assess the damage.

The president offered his condolences: "I couldn't sleep last night because of this tragedy."

The city of Pohang has been one of the worst hit cities since the typhoon made landfall in the country earlier this week. It has managed to wreak havoc in just a few days.

Several other cities, including Busan and Ulsan, have also been battered. Several roads, bridges, and buildings have been destroyed in these two cities.

At least 10 people have lost their lives in flood-related incidents so far. Thousands of others have been displaced by the floods caused by the typhoon, the strongest cyclonic storm to hit the country this year.

The casualties are expected to rise as the military carries out search and rescue operations in various areas of the country. Some 2,900 people have already been evacuated from affected parts of the country.

Typhoon Hinnamnor
Signboard damaged by Typhoon Hinnamnor in Changwon. Reuters / YONHAP