A bizarre sight of dozens of falling sheep from the sky, caused chaos for terrified motorists who crashed trying to avoid them on a busy highway in Melbourne Australia. A truck carrying the livestock hit the side of a bridge and overturned as it did dozens of the sheep were killed or injured as they fell on to passing cars.

This footage contains sensitive material .

The blue police lights reveal the truck on the bridge. Many dead sheep litter the highway. One lone sheep stands dazed by the body of another. A close up shows the truck on its side and more dead sheep hanging from the wire grills. Some are still trapped in the truck.

Cars can be seen badly damaged as they crashed trying to avoid the falling sheep, luckily there were no fatalities. Kristy Davis in shock at the side of the road explained what she saw

"It was pretty unbelievable. First of all we looked up and we could see the truck flip on its side and then the next minute we were underneath and it rained sheep."

Paramedic Alan Eade gave an update on the situation.

"This is quite an unusual event. We have a large number of deceased and injured livestock, only a small number of injured occupants of the vehicles, and we have one car that's rolled four times, we have three other cars that are extensively damaged from livestock falling through their windscreens, and we have a truck hanging off the bridge."

Recovery crews have now secured the hanging truck with ropes to stop it from falling, and eventually managing to pull it upright onto the bridge.

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Written and Presented by Ann Salter