TV star Shemar Moore has addressed rampant speculation surrounding his sexuality, saying he is exasperated with the constant gay rumours.

Taking to Instagram, the Emmy-nominated actor, who prefers to keep his personal life private, called out social media trolls while setting the record straight on claims that he preferred men to women.

"Shemar Moore's gay, he's in the closet, he's bi, he likes little boys. No. He don't like women, nah, I love women. He likes light skin white girls, no, I like all women. All different shapes and colours," he told his 2.4 million followers.

"How come we don't see you with women? You don't see me with boys unless you're lying on me. Ok? Do I like sex? Hell yeah I like sex. I get mine."

Moore, who currently plays the lead role of Sergeant Daniel "Hondo" Harrelson on US crime drama SWAT, has dated some of Hollywood's most beautiful women including Toni Braxton, Halle Berry, Ashley Scott and Kimberly Elise.

He also used the video response as an opportunity to discuss reports that he and Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks were an item, saying he had only met her once.

"Phaedra Parks, met her one time at a talk show a year ago, flirted with her, kissed on her, drank with the talk show. Took pictures with her, at the talk show. Ain't dating somebody I don't know, don't watch reality tv."

As his romantic life continues to raise questions, he reminded the 'haters' that his career continues to thrive. "Your show ain't sh*t. No, my show is the sh*t to me and to many others. That's all that matters. So excuse me as I live my life, go make my paper, stay fine at 47 and keep."

He was soon inundated with messages of support from fans who applauded the way he handled the constant negatively. "Yessss baby tell' em.. they got u and me f***ed up.. a hater gonna hate. Keep winning love," one person said while another wrote: "OMG! So beyond awesome, shut that crap down! With class and sass! Love you forever! Even if you are not on CM any more!!"