Blake Shelton
Blake Shelton pictured at an event - File photo Reuters

Blake Shelton took to social media on Monday, 13 November, to pay his respects to his late brother Richie, who passed away 27 years ago in a tragic car accident.

The country singer, who was 14 years old when his brother died, shared his thoughts on how life changed for him following the tragedy. He said the death of his brother made him realise how precious life is and also expressed how much he missed him.

"Lost my brother 27 years ago today. I was only 14 at the time but it changed my life forever...," the 41-year-old wrote on Twitter to mark Richie's death anniversary. "Made me realise that life is precious and there's no time like RIGHT NOW to go for it... We still miss you Richie!!"

Shelton is not afraid to share his personal stories with the whole world.

On Gwen Stefani's 48th birthday, he took to Twitter to wish his lady love and begged her not to break his heart.

"Happy Birthday Gwen Stefani!!! Why don't you go ahead and NEVER break my heart!!!!" he tweeted, melting a million hearts on the internet.

Shelton and Stefani have been going strong since they became a couple in 2015.

Back in 2016, Shelton talked about how happy he was since meeting the love of his life.

Speaking on Chelsea Handler's Netflix series Chelsea, Shelton revealed the backstories to his album If I'm Honest.

"And next thing you know this person I kind of knew and worked with on the show, I didn't really know her that well the first time around on the show..." he was quoted as saying by The Rolling Stones.

He continued, "And then to all of a sudden to find out she's going through basically the same exact thing at the same time and this is how my life turned around – so quickly, too, by the way. All this was just meant to happen. So I made a record about it."