Controversial White House counsellor, Kellyanne Conway has been compared to the Nazi leader Joseph Goebbels in the most recent episode of The Simpsons.

During the episode of the long-running cartoon which aired on Sunday (12 November), Marge Simpson is seen running to become the first female mayor of Springfield and brings on political advisers to aide her campaign.

One of the adviser's says to Simpson that they will be "the Kellyanne Conway of this thing!"

Speaking as part of a focus group, one of the attendees says: "Kellyanne Conway. I like how she always looks like she just woke up."

"I think it's inspiring how now a woman can be Joseph Goebbels," a second woman replies.

The group are then seen nodding in agreement.

Goebbels was one of the top Nazi's during Hitler's reign, and oversaw the propaganda for the far-right party in Germany before during the Second World War.

Kellyanne Conway has been part of Trump's circle for much of the past two years, often seen on television screens as a surrogate voice of the president.

Her comments and views have stoked controversy at times, such as with her suggestion that the White House had "alternative facts" on the size of Trump's inauguration crowd..

The Simpsons has mocked the Trump administration several times over the past year, most recently mocking the president's paper towel throwing at hurricane Maria victims in Puerto Rico.

The most recent episode also saw a crowd chanting "I'm with hair," a play on Hillary Clinton's campaign slogan, "I'm with her."

Conway's most recent media appearance saw her questioned about the allegations surrounding the Republican senate candidate for Alabama, Roy Moore, who has been accused of numerous sexual encounters with teenagers, some as young as 14.

Speaking to ABC, Conway said: "The President and others in the Republican party have made clear that if the allegations are true this man should step aside.

"But I've gone further than that and I've reflected something the vice President has said as well, which is: Everybody should know that conduct is disqualifying."