Police in Seattle are now trying to ascertain what prompted a gunman to go on the rampage killing 5 people and then himself.

Lee Stawicki shot four diners in Café Racer yesterday morning – a place the shooter been seen in before. He then ran off to a car park where he killed a woman, stole her car, and then – when officers closed in on him – he shot himself in the head with his handgun. The shooting spree forced to police close nearby schools and community centres.

Police say the 40-year-old and was mentally-ill. Here's café regular, Christopher Assaf: "What I'm hearing is that he would be totally normal, educated and then all of a sudden he'd just crack and become slightly deranged ... was (Inaudible) insane crazy stuff. So at a certain point they kicked him out. And then this morning they said 'You're 86'd, you can't be here, would you like a coffee to go?' And he was nice, courteous, walked to the door and turned and then started shooting,"

There've been reports of Stawicki having arguments with the staff there before, and apparently his brother said he had a history of 'psychiatric problems.'

Miraculously the café's chef survived and is now being treated in hospital. Relatives say a bullet pierced his lung, grazed his liver and a kidney but thankfully missed his heart

Written & Presented by Marverine Cole.