Sikhs living in the United States have expressed their shock and fear after a shooting at a temple in Wisconsin on Sunday which left seven people dead. This local man who was at the temple at the time of the shooting explained what happened

In response to the shooting India's Junior Foreign Minister Preneet Kaur said they had sent Senior officials to Wisconsin and said she had spoken with President Obama who expressed his sadness

It is believed that FBI and bomb squad officers have surrounded the property of the alleged gunman approximately 2.5 miles north of the Wisconsin Sikh Temple and have evacuated local residents. No name has been released but witnesses describe the lone gunman as white bald-headed 40-year-old sporting a 9/11 tattoo. Sadly this attack comes just over two weeks after a gun massacre left 12 people dead at a Colorado cinema. Oak Creek police chief John Edwards said the authorities were treating the incident as a matter of domestic terrorism.

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