"SNL," on October 8, released a sketch parodying a "Try Guys" video called "what happened.". In the original video, the remaining founders tried to explain what the company did since they learned of the affair and what steps they are currently taking, such as cutting Ned out from videos retroactively and shelving videos they have deemed fully unreleasable.

What was an honest and sincere statement was parodied to become a grotesque skit that made jokes about Fulmer's affair and downplayed his sexual misconduct. Instead of making fun of the "wife guy" fired from his own company for having a year-long inappropriate relationship with an employee, they poked fun at the remaining founders' accountability and honesty with their followers.

The sketch enraged many "SNL'" viewers, especially those who remember the history of sexual scandals from "SNL" cast members, alumni and production team members.

One user tweeted, "SNL had to do a tasteless skit about YouTubers to get people to talk about them. It hasn't been funny in YEARS, and they take this opportunity to provide their commentary on an HR nightmare and drudge up their historically bad treatment of women employees #SNL #TryGuys.

"This Try Guy sketch on SNL started funny. Then it got mean for no reason. Whoever wrote it definitely missed the whole 'Ned nearly destroyed the entire company and risked getting them sued for sexual misconduct' angle," wrote another.

In 2015, Comedian Louis C.K. joked about child molestation during his "SNL" monologue In 2021, a lawsuit was filed against former "SNL" star Horatio Sanz. He is accused of grooming and sexually assaulting an underage female fan. The fan later requested that notable "SNL" talents Jimmy Fallon, Lorne Michaels, and Tracy Morgan be added to the list of defendants as they enabled Sanz's behaviour, as reported by Variety.

Keith Habersberger, "Try Guys" co-founder, seemed to comment on the sketch and tweeted, "Wow, that was unexpected." His wife, Becky Habersberger, also gave her two cents on the skit and said," Anyone remember the Trypod episode where he talks about his Yale friend who writes for SNL...asking for a friend," perhaps shading Ned Fulmer's friend who may have written the sketch in that way to protect him.

Try Guys
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