Dozens of U.S. soldiers received U.S. citizenship as part of Independence Day celebrations in Afghanistan on Thursday (July 4).

In Kabul, troops celebrated July 4 with a band and singalong, and were visited by Republican Senator John McCain. McCain joined the soldiers in a re-enlistment ceremony and handed out promotions.

Having met with Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Wednesday (July 3), McCain said he was hopeful Afghanistan and the United States would soon enter a strategic partnership.

"We think that the strategic partnership agreement is very important. We hope that it will be agreed to sooner, as soon as possible so that we can get about the business of making proper arrangements for of a long-term American presence," he said.

At Bagram airbase, more than 30 soldiers born outside of the United States took the opportunity to become American citisens on Independence Day.

One soldier said it was hard to be away from home on the American national holiday.

"It is hard you know every year my family does a get-together and a cook out and everything like that and I know they're still doing that and they are thinking about me and I call home and everything like that. So it's different to spend the holidays away from home. But it is worth it," said Sargeant Katherine Rios.

There are 62,000 U.S. troops and 34,000 NATO troops in Afghanistan.

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