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Civilization 5 expansion "Gods and Kings" comes out today in Europe and with news last week that one Civ player has been playing the same game of Civilization 2 for ten years, why not take a look at how Civ players would go about solving the problems of the real world.

The ten year Civ game apparently lead to a virtual replica of the world described by George Orwell in "1984". Three superpowers dominate the globe and have been in an almost constant state of war for 1,700 years.

The environment has been destroyed by nuclear war and the human population has been reduced to living in shattered villages under either theocratic or communist regimes.

Hopefully any Civ playing politicians out there will know to keep well away from the nuclear button but isn't there a possibility that they might try some downright counter-intuitive strategies in their attempts to solve global issues.

From the Falklands dispute to Somali Islamists and from the London riots to the Arab Spring, we take a look at some domestic and foreign policy options as recommended by Civ 5.