SpaceX is taking the whole 'space tourist' idea seriously. The company's CEO Elon Musk posted a tweet on Monday stating "Getting ready for orbit-class Starship design."

He also posted a link to an article which details the company's filing with the Federal Communications Commission for a reusable space rocket, which will be able to orbit the earth like airplanes fly inside the planet.

The documents unearthed by the publication mentioned by Musk – Teslarati, are not about the design of the company's orbital spaceship – Starship. It is about communications permissions for the orbiter while it is in flight.

The documents have been filed in advance before the Starship goes through its next test – it is expected to go up 74,000 feet this time. In the previous tests, the prototype Starhopper went up just 500 feet. It is still not close to actual orbit, but given the height aimed this time, it is definitely significant.

The company has reportedly stacked a new ring segment for the launch. This is designed to absorb a higher amount of shock than the previous one. The company's launches create a lot of thrusts, which can send shock waves throughout Boca Chica, where the Launchpad is located.

The last launch created many complaints of broken windows, damaged buildings and deafening noises. This will be the final test of the full-scale vehicle and will take place on September 28. The company has announced that it will launch its first test flight in October.

Starship, if successful, will change the way we think about space travel. Its rocket is designed for maximum re-usability, which means that a rocket will not only be worth just one journey, but instead multiple journeys. It is expected to radically reduce the cost of spaceflight – one space vehicle will serve the needs of current and future customers.

Elon Musk
Musk has great ambitions for SpaceX REUTERS/Rashid Umar Abbasi

Starship is also a part of Musk's plan to settle in Mars, in the future.